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General Information

Welcome to SupraFin's API documentation page for investment/risk scores for

SupraFin offers investment/risk scores for a selected list of cryptocurrencies/tokens. Click this link:
List of Cryptocurrencies to view all the cryptocurrencies/tokens for which we offer investment/risk

SupraFin can also create customized investment/risk scores for a client's selected universe of

Our investment/risk scores are comprehensive as they incorporate all the risks related to
crypto investments, not just market risk.

SupraFin assigns an investment/risk score (0% to 100%) to each cryptocurrency for each risk
category, subcategory, and overall risk score.

Risk Categories
     •           Adoption
     •           Assets
     •           Market
     •           Sustainability
     •           Technology

Click this link: Risk Scores Object, for a complete description of the risk categories and subcategories.

Some risk categories and subcategories only apply to certain cryptocurrency/token types (e.g.,
exchange tokens, defi, utility). Click this link: Token Types, to view a definition of each type of
cryptocurrency/token. Only the categories and subcategories relevant to the cryptocurrency/token will be displayed.

Delivery Method
SupraFin delivers crypto investment/risk score data via REST API (JSON file format) or CSV file download.

How to Contact Us
Contact us at with any questions.